Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Blog in Review

The year 2014 marks the first full calendar year in existance for the Slow Searching blog. In the past twelve months I have written 54 posts, including this one. Almost half of these posts (24) were about Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf. The other large chunk (23) focused primarily on research, including  a sizeable group (9) about selfsourcing. The remaining seven posts touched on a variety of topics, including three related to gender issues in the computer science.

Some of the most popular Slow Searching posts of 2014 were about:
Several posts from 2013 also continued to remain popular, especially those about:
In reviewing the most popular posts, I notice that compilations seem to be popular - so I just created a new "compilation" tag. Popular compilations include: a list of behavioral logs available for research, research papers on gender in the STEM workplace, and trip reports. A post I wrote last week compiling the research I published in 2014 is already among top visited posts, despite being brand new.

Last year I started a series of posts about Related Work as a New Year's Resolution. More recently, I have also started to post Paper Summaries that each provide an overview of a paper I have published. None of these posts have proven to be particularly popular, but I personally find them to be very useful. So a goal for 2015 will be to post on both topics at least once a month.

The blog received 16 comments in 2014, excluding deleted spam comments. I love it when people leave comments; it helps me know I'm not writing into a void. The page view counter goes up (from 20k at the beginning of the year to 51,583 right now), but it's hard to believe that those numbers represent anything real. So please take the time to say hi! And thanks for reading.


  1. Hi, I'm a library cataloger (technical services manager) and I started reading your blog due to a professional interest in searching. I thoroughly enjoyed following along on your 100 mile journey with Cale. So hello, form a real live reader. (Sorry if this posts twice, I think I got kicked out.)

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